Incoming Public Test!

Posted on February 4th, 2019 10:03 AM EST

Hello, Engineers!

We’re excited to announce that there will be a public test on Tuesday, February 5th, beginning at 3 pm UTC and running until Monday, February 11th, 10 am UTC!

Some of the new features include:

-Updated block visuals
-Updated trees
-Improved female engineer
-Grid updates
-World chunking
-GUI revision
-Enhanced audio
-New blueprint building in survival
-Voxel hand that obeys landscaping stakes
-Improvements to multiplayer
-Improvements to modding tools

We encourage everyone to try out all of the new features. Players will be able to submit their feedback on all of these features via:

Instructions to access test/how to change branches:

1. Select the game from your library, right click and select properties.
A dialog box with a number of tabs will appear, you’re looking for one that says "publictest”.

Thanks for reading and see you all online this Tuesday!:steamhappy:
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